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  • Auto-air pump system, fog free
  • Comes with fill light, dive computer(optional)
  • Waterproof for up to 80M
  • Maximum factory extreme test, ensure your phone safety
  • Camera Lens Kit add-on available(optional)


Scuba Phone Case HotDive. Your Favorite Diving Gear

Turn your smartphone into a professional underwater camera with fill light and an advanced dive computer. And that’s just to start.

Scuba Diving gear is expensive. Buying a diving computer, waterproof case, and underwater fill light is costly. It’s also a hassle carrying all that gear and diving with it.

HotDive Smart Scuba Phone Case takes your extra gear and puts it in an advanced, durable and depth tested phone case. It turns your smartphone into an all-in-one dive kit, acting as a dive computer, a fill light, camera and so much more. And with a built-in air vacuum system you can bring your phone to depths as low as 80m. HotDive offers deep savings (money, time, space, and weight) while letting you explore and capture the beauty of the underwater world.

800% funded on Kickstart with 750+ backers

Hotdive H1/ H1 Pro smart scuba phone case are launched on KICKSTARTER, ENGADGET, TECHABLE, APPBANK, GEEKY GADGETS, CNX SOFTWARE AND INDIEGOGO on early 2021

Take crystal clear, professional photos of your deep dives with HotDive Smart Scuba Phone Case.

gif shows how you took crystal clear underwater photo using hotdive pro scuba phone case with an iPhone 11 


Smart Automatic Air Pump System

Enjoy no foggy or blurry images! Taking a clear photo at depth isn’t easy. Hot plugs and desiccants can help, but they don’t actually create the optimal vacuum. HotDive’s case uses an independent auto-pump air extraction system creating a perfect vacuum for your smartphone.
This means that every photo or video you take will be crystal clear without any fear of fog obscuring the wonders of the sea!

The Smart Automatic Pump on the hotdive scuba phone case are are travel friendly, no need to bring your manual pump anymore.

compare the image quality from using hotdive vaccum system or other case without vaccum system

Take crystal clear photos at any depth without fear of fog

Powerful Fill Light For Any Depth

The deeper your dives, the less light there is. Meaning if you want to see the wonders hiding under the waves you need to bring light. HotDive is equipped with a powerful fill light to create optimal conditions for your photos.

compare the underwater photo color with hotdive smart housing using fill light or not

High Range Color Capture

HotDive is perfect for underwater photos or even night diving. Using American CREE LED lights with 130°illuminance and 5800-6500K (closest to the sun’s rays) color temperature, HotDive creates the perfect lighting conditions for photos and videos. This effect brings the true color of the underwater world to life, as it offers 800 Lumens of intense light.

The dive light tech specs is perfect for scuba diving

Built-In Dive Computer

Dive computers are a key piece of safety equipment for all divers. They help prevent DCS by measuring depth, dive duration, and ascending speed. The HotDive Pro Smart Scuba Phone Case, the advanced version of the HotDive, uses a built-in computer that acts as an all-in-one solution.

Hotdive H2 Pro have dive computer functions include compass, depth sensor, dive time and ascending rate

HotDive Pro’s computer uses a Nordic Semiconductor ultra-low power consumption (ULP) wireless chip for fast processing speed and in-depth monitoring. Its high capability is made better with low power consumption and a stronger signal to ensure a smooth connection to your smartphone. HotDive Pro also uses a Swiss TE MS5083 depth sensor to monitor real-time depth, calculate ascent speed, and issue warnings. And it also has a built-in compass, so you always know which direction you’re diving in.

Hotdive Pro smartphone waterproof case have compass function and dive computer capability

HotDive Smart Scuba Phone Case Keeps You Safe

Thanks to an advanced dive computer, HotDive Pro smart scuba phone case is made with your safety in mind. It calculates depth and time spent diving so it can inform you when the safety stop required.

When it detects that the depth stress has reached 5 meters it will sound an alarm by vibrating to remind you to stay underwater for 3 minutes before ascending to the surface.

The hotdive smart housing have safety stop function, it will give your alert when you end your dive and warn you to stay 5 meters for 3 minutes 

1-Click Photos

Taking photos with HotDive is simple and easy. Using professional software designed for underwater environments, HotDive lets you take photos or videos, switch between the front and rear cameras with the press of one button.

You can even preview your photos and videos with just 1 click!

1 click function make taking photos, videos and selfies convenient by click the mode button

click mode button and change it to selfie mode, then click shutter button to take a selfie photo


Scuba Diving Modes & Freediving Mode


The HotDive App works with the HotDive Pro smart scuba phone case and can be set to two modes: scuba diving and freediving. These modes are only available on the HotDive Pro due to its built-in dive computer.

Scuba diving mode is able to show real-time depth, maximum depth,  current temperature, and current diving time. It also allows you to set a maximum depth vibration reminder, maximum diving time vibration reminder, and vibration reminder when the ascent speed is too fast. This function is very helpful for both first-time divers and professional divers.

Hotdive pro scuba phone have dive computer reminder function including maximum depth reminder, diving time reminder and ascent speed warning


Freediving mode can set 5 different depth vibration and surface time vibration reminders.

Thanks to the exclusive sturdy design, you can use HotDive for both snorkeling(0-10m) and freediving(10m-80m). The real-time depth and dive time displayed on the screen allows you to take photos & videos while knowing how deep you are and how long your current dive time is.

Thanks to the built-in 800 lumens fill light HotDive allows you to do a quick snorkeling night dive near your beach resort before sleeping. Isn’t it nice to post some octopus photos and wake up with a lot of likes on your social media channel?

Hotdive H2 Pro smart housing have freediving mode allowing you to set 5 depth reminders and 1 surface break reminder

Real-Time Dive Syncing

  • See your photos in real-time
  • Log your dives
  • Share your journey

HotDive’s app lets you log your dives automatically by connecting to your phone and auto-syncing your photos and videos. It lets you view real-time results and even share your diving status at any time!

The photos & videos are actually stored in your smartphone instead of the HotDive. This can save you a lot of time to enjoy your dives.

Hotdive Pro save photos and videos in the smartphone album and it have automatic dive log function which allow you to share your dive with your friends easily

3500ma Battery That Lasts Your Entire Dive

HotDive powers your dives with a powerful battery. It offers you 15-20 days of power without using the fill light and 100 minutes of continuous power while using the fill light. You don’t need to bother charging it all the time!

Built-in Lithium battery of hotdive pro allow you to use the dive light for 100 minutes continously and it can stand by for 15 to 20 days



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Additional information

Weight 1.2 kg
Dimensions 26.1 × 15.7 × 10 cm


  1. Charles Downing

    Perfect for freediving training. I am using this to teach my freediving courses. It is so convenient that i can take the video about my student’s technique and show them right away. It’s easier for them to know which part of the posture that they should improve and this also make freediving teaching so much fun.

  2. Jerry Taylor

    I actually got to use HotDive through my friend’s first. I was very satisfied with all the features that they offer and the fact that I can keep using the housing even when I change my phone. 4K and RAW is available! Definitely recommend!

  3. Elaine

    My iPhone 12 pro max fits perfectly! The housing was sturdy and safe even at 100ft deep. Next time I will try to use underwater 200ft deep! I went on a dive with this pro a couple weeks ago and took great pictures. I would definitely recommend this to anyone as one of their uw camera.

  4. John Edginton

    First time using HotDive. I learned a few things. Very happy with the results. IPhone 11

  5. Marko T.

    Easy to use, can take professional pictures, and there’s a diving computer function as well! I don’t have to carry bulky underwater cameras or a diving computer, etc. Very convenient, and I’m totally in love with this gear.

  6. Tony Leung

    best case ever!

  7. Will S.

    Only my Samsung S21 ultra is not able to use, the lens window is too small, so I use my spare phone S21, well, perfect then.

  8. Jasmine T.

    I really like the amazing pictures I got using this housing with my iPhone 12 Pro. It’s very easy to set up and syncs easily using Bluetooth technology. The vacuum pumping takes less than 1 minute to complete, and it is automatic! I would definitely recommend this to my dive buddies.

  9. Marc Majka

    I have a GoPro and a Diveroid. This is by far easier than either and takes good photos and video at deep to 260ft. I have used it 3 times and my Samsung S9 fits very well.

  10. Jules Gallagher


    Did 3, 2-tank dives without an issue. It can be a little daunting remembering all of the steps to set up your phone and the case, but after the 1st time, the case is a breeze… I’ll probably make a cheat sheet to remember the phone settings. No issue with bluetooth synching. iPhone12.

  11. Jose B.

    I first bought HotDive H1 via Kickstarter a year ago and was amazed by the quality and fuction of the product. I have dived with HotDive as deep as 220ft and didn’t have any problems! THis one is for my sister, she loves to take underwater pictures and share on her Instagram, so I think this would be a very good gift for her! i believe she will love it!

  12. Mariaulcew

    As Real As You Want it To be. Fill out this short survey and we’ll give you a chance to win an iPhone 12. Hurry up. Visit

  13. Caro M.

    spectacular product, it looked brand new despite the outer box being a little weary and it had some strange tears along with it. I’m glad that the actual casing was perfect though! it wasn’t hard to figure out for me as it is my first one. happy that it’s compatible with my samsung note smartphone.

  14. Jessie J

    It comes with an app or software that you can install I your phone and will provide you a wide range of options. Like changing ISO, white balance and more. To me that I am just getting used to this world of photography some things took me a while to understand and learn. I had to play with it for a little bit until I felt comfortable. But once you get to the point that you know how to make it work, it becomes really easy.

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