Hotdive SPG Scuba Submersible Pressure Gauge Technical Diving Gauge 52mm with Short Hose


* Scuba Gear Technical Information:

– SPG TECH GAUGE small size – Diam. 52 mm / 2”

– Housing material: Double Chrome Mirror Plated Brass

– Special characteristics: luminescent face, rotating bevel
* High-Pressure Hose:
* Length: 800 mm (31.5 inches).
* External Diameter: 0.39” / 10mm.

• SPG TECH GAUGE small size, Double Chrome Mirror Plated;

Weight: 190 gr / USA 6.77 oz.

* Imperial and dual graduation available.
* CE certificate.

* Diving Equipment OEM & ODM available.
* Diving Equipment customization.
* Manufactured by: Narhwal/Hotdive


hotdive pressure gauge
Product Name
Scuba Diving Pressure Gauge
Brass body; rubber tube
Diam. 52 mm / 2”
360 bar, full scale
190 gr / USA 6.77 oz.
SCUBA Diving

With short high-pressure hose

Length: 150 mm (6 inch). or customed as requested.

External Diameter: 0.39” / 10mm

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– Studied for technical divers, or top-quality regulators this gauge has double chrome mirror-plated case treatment to ensure the
best looking and maximum protection against corrosion.
– Brass housing with polycarbonate gives extreme durability and a chance to use with no cover protection due to double welding and copper beryllium bourdon tube mechanism that never goes out of calibration even with hard shock.
– The gauge is used often in technical diving and has a high level of accuracy and reliability.
– Preferred for its simplicity by many technical divers or divers who follow DIR training philosophy.
– Available diameters are 52 mm (2”)
– Range graduations: 0-300 bar, 0-360 bar, 0-400 bar, 0-450 bar, 0-5000 psi, 0-6000 psi;
– Oxygen clean on demand;
– Certified according to EN 250.
dive pressure gauge

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Weight 0.5 kg


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