What’s the key factors to make housing withstand water pressure in 2021?

In 2021, waterproof housing are not a mystery any more. We have many underwater housing for your camera, GoPro and even phones. But for many people, they are still unclear about what kind of factors would impact the housing’s ability against water pressure. In other words, they don’t know how to choose a case suitable for themselves to serve their unique and special diving purposes.


First thing first, the material is the key factor. Most of submarines made of high-intensity steel or even titanium. The is because metal typical stronger than other materials. You’ve never heard of submarine made of plastics, have you? While you can’t simply compare submarine with underwater housing cause submarine usually operating around the depth of 300m while most of underwater housing operating the depth of 10-40m which is also the depth limitation of recreational scuba diving and recreational free diving. It make sense, right? That’s why you can see different material while choosing underwater smartphone housing cause it’s have a lot of wiggle room for those materials to walts in. HotDive underwater smartphone housing using both high density aluminum as the back base and high density plastic as front cover. Even though it brings a little bit weight but the operating depth also increased dramatically. For people who have enough budget, you should always choose high depth rating material cause the risk of leaking can be huge if you put your newly bought iPhone 13 Pro max inside the scuba phone case.

Second thing will impact the depth rating for a housing is interior volume since air space decrease dramatically when they are compressing. For most special designed DSLR housing or GoPro originally housing, they design exactly the same shape of that specific device to make the housing taking higher pressure even than the rating. Scuba phone case HotDive using special design compare to many other cases to combine the most compatibility and space volume inside even if it sacrifice some unique phone types. Also HotDive using automatically smart pump to make the pressure inside the phone case 0.4 ata to decrease the originally air space inside.

Choose smart by choosing HotDive underwater smartphone will significance increase your phone safety and it can be with you from entry level diver even to a master diver or tech diver.

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