HOTDIVE Quick Release Mouthpiece Clamp – Reusable (3pcs/pack)


• Re-usable mouthpiece fastening.
• Provides better hygiene when using rentals.
• Allow quick on/off of regulator mouthpiece.
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Instead of throwing away single-use plastic tie-wraps, this band can be used over-and-over again. Additionally, with today’s health issues, it’s also ideal for students, classes, resorts and rental regulators, allowing the customer to supply their own mouthpiece.

Great for travel or just a handy item for a save-a-dive-kit this durable plastic with metal latched quick-release mouthpiece clamp goes on easy and can be quickly release when you need to remove the mouthpiece.


  • Great Idea for the Traveling Rental Diver
  • Allow Quick On/Off of Regulator Mouthpiece
  • Re-Usable Mouthpiece Fastening
  • Great for Students and Classes
  • Health Conscious Design, Better Hygiene
  • Great Save-a-Dive-Kit Item
Quick Release Mouthpiece Clamp


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