Hotdive T2 Scuba Diving Regulator Second Stage -Silver Ring



1 x Second stage regulator
1 x 30″ / 75cm flexible rubber hose
1 x food grade mouthpiece


Scuba Gear Technical Information:

– Balanced adjustable second stage regulator
– Intermediate pressure: 10 Bar/150 PSI.
– Inhalation effort: 1.2-1.5 CIW (Column inches of Water)
– The pneumatically balanced design gives consistent gas pressure for easy inhalation
– Easy-grip dive/pre-dive switch avoids free at the surface and is easy to use with gloves.
– Adjustable design helps the diver fine-tune cracking pressure so breathing resistance matches the diver’s personal preference.
– Second stage adjustment knob: Fine-tunes inhalation effort.
– Weight: 237g (0.52lb)
– Faceplate Color: Black, White, Yellow
– Main materials: GF Enhanced PA, SUS 316 main body.
– Food-grade silicone mouthpiece
– Customed with brand logo, Diving Equipment OEM & ODM. Please contact

  • Low pressure hoses length: 75cm(30”)
  • Low pressure hoses material: Rubber / Braided +stainless steel fittings
  • First stage connector: 3/8”-24w
  • Second stage connector: 9/16”-18w
  • Working pressure: 30 bar / 430 psi
  • Color: Black
hotdive regulator 2nd stage


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