Tips for beginners on how to use HotDive Underwater housing correctly

Underwater housing is designed for underwater photography with a smartphone or camera that is placed inside the body of the housing.

HotDive Underwater housing for phone

Before diving.

When closing the housing (and this must be done before diving in calm conditions) carefully (before closing the lid) inspect the O-ring “thoroughly” for the presence of fine lint, hair, sand grains, etc. Found “debris” must be removed (dry clean finger or the corner of a lint-free material). Now check the O-ring for the presence of lubricant along the entire length. If somewhere the O-ring is “dry”, you can add a little bit of silicone grease without taking the O-ring out of the groove and smoothen the excess with your finger.

Now carefully close the lid and snap lock it.

Next, you need to inspect the O-ring again while the housing is closed. If all goes well, you will see a thin strip of “flattened” ring around the perimeter.

Turn on the HotDive housing, make sure that all the main buttons work and the memory card is in place.

Before diving, it is recommended to put your underwater housing in a bucket of water. Before the actual dive take out the housing from the bucket and check for any water inside, so in case of sudden depressurization, you have a chance to save your expensive smartphones.

After diving.

After each dive, the housing must be washed in freshwater, shake lightly, and wiped dry. When you open the housing, gently wipe the small droplets of water in the zone of contact between the O-ring, the lid, and the body of the housing. To avoid any water getting trapped inside before the next dive.

Servicing an O-ring.

To remove O-ring and lubricate it, only recommended before continuous series of dives (usually the first day of diving). The reason why is because, when lubricated O-ring stored between trips will still pick up the dust. Keeping underwater housing closed is not recommended, because the ring will get wrinkled.

If you still decide to change silicone grease – carefully remove the O-ring from the groove, without using sharp objects. The ring can be discarded if it has cracks or cuts. The same applies to the “stretch” O-ring, so when putting it back do not overdo it!

Wash your hands and wipe them dry. Using a lint-free cloth or tissue, remove the old grease. Do not put on the O-ring on the table – keep it in your hands. Squeeze a little bit of grease on the index finger of your left hand. Put the O-ring on the index finger, then press and hold it with the left thumb. Now, pull the O-ring with your right hand through lubricated fingers, with this motion you will spread the grease evenly. After applying the lubricant put O-ring at a regular place.

Silicone Grease and sealing box

I would like to draw your attention that silicone grease does not affect the tightness of underwater housing, especially the amount of it! The main and only functionality of silicone grease is the maintenance of the O-ring in working order and to protect it from unnecessary friction and thus wear.

The underwater housing is most vulnerable while doing a “Giant leap” entrance or similar methods. These can result in a snap of the wrist strap, “penetration” of buttons seal (water immediately flows into housing). Also, keep in mind you can damage the housing by hitting it against hard objects such as your buddy head or instructor tank, etc.

In order to minimize these probabilities – first, enter the water and then ask somebody on a dive boat to pass the housing to you. Well, if this variant is impossible (for example – drift), when entering the water, hold the housing in the left (slightly bent) arm above the head (but not over your head), so during the jump, your underwater housing will experience minimal impact loads.

Immediately after, check the functionality of your smartphone and check for any water present inside the housing. No water?- Well, thank God.

Have fun and take some wicked photos!

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